Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

How to choice template blogger

For those of you lovers of the blog, definitely want to have an interesting blog and always visited by many people. in addition to frequently updated, we must also improve the appearance or our blog template. There are several things to consider in choosing a blog template, both of you who want to design your own or use free templates that are readily available in the internet universe. This applies also to you who are designing a website or sites.

Things that need to be considered include:
1. Design Preview / Animation
You may design your blog with a picture as possible, as this will attract the visitors on your blog. But remember the more pictures the more weight variation was also loading your blog on the internet. Internet visitors are usually reluctant to wait too long to appear in a web browser. When you use free templates that do not search template loading his too long. Moreover, if one added an animation so much that more and more slow to appear in the browser.

2. Differences in the visitor's browser
Visitors blogs or sites using a variety of browsers, eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and others. So make sure you select a layout that can perform well in many browsers. At least not too messy when viewed in different browsers. Because it could just look at the Mozilla blog looks good but when opened via Internet Explorer it looks messy. So you should test first before using the template to ensure you have chosen.

3. Learn HTML
Blog template we already download from the Internet despite being ready to use, there are times when you want to add other trinkets such as Shoutbox, the number of visitors, put a banner friends and others. You can grab the code from the internet service the provider di many scattered. Now for a little tinkering with our blog, it absolutely must be basic HTML knowledge is required. Therefore begin to know HTML, although only a basic level.

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