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How to success

Successful people are those who continue to try, although it has experienced many failures. He looked at life as an opportunity to achieve success. That's roughly the conclusion of the research over 40 years of successful people. Who tried found from them is how and why they were moved to become top in their respective fields, from sports, education, until the capital markets.

What exactly did they know and do to be successful? Here are seven things that carried them to success:

1. Successful people are willing to take risks. They strive to achieve the target, to save money, build relationships with people, and quick to try something new to keep up with the times. David C. McClelland, a professor who studied successful people travel and have traveled to many countries and train small businesses, stating how to become successful small entrepreneurs is to be moderate risk takers, who want to continue to take risks to achieve success.

2. Successful people are confident and feel that they do something for the world. They looked at a large world and want to play an important role in it. They continue to work according to their skills, while remaining aware that the core skills to give value to other skills. They are also aware, the best work will result in compensation for them.

3. Successful people enjoy what they are doing. They were able to see the job as fun; they choose to work where they can excel. Successful people love a challenge: they enjoy the achievement of the peak of their game, whether at work, tennis courts or golf courses.

4. Successful people are lifelong learners. They realized that education never ends but it starts at every level of life and continuing until the end of life. Education is not limited in the classroom; means trying new ideas, reading books, newspapers, magazines, and use the Internet is a form of education. Therefore, the flow remains appropriate changes in interest and abilities, and enjoy the changes. This will help you grow and feel more confident.

5. Successful people are positive outlook on what they can do, and this extends to other things. They believe the glass is half full and not half empty. They instilled a spirit in themselves and can imagine yourself how they managed to accomplish a difficult task or reach the highest award. Successful people do like a coach for others, by providing positive messages in everyday life. They were glad to see someone else make a milestone in their lives.

6. Successful people have a lot of ways to motivate yourself in order to continue to work better than others. There is a way to do some work every day in different fields. A middle-aged man to motivate himself by trying to get more money than his brother. A 29-year-old woman became a nurse top to show the former teacher that he has adequate skills and intelligence to achieve the profession.

7. Those successfully completing the task with no half measures, and they use a creative way to success. While it might take more time, they eventually surpass the finish line. They use time well in the synergy of physical and mental ability to achieve success.
It's like, you can also try. Who knew you were able to follow their footsteps. (WWM / William J. Bond / Gde)

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